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  1. Raupi

    Raupi Member

    Dec 2, 2007
    Well, i think that is my first post in ages...
    first of all, hello to everyone;
    second, thanks for viewing;

    Well, here is my situation:

    I already done a lot of searching in lots of locations, also in gbatemp too;

    I am having a problem with my exppack 3in1 PLUS; on first-run, after setting the flashcart to be backup'ed , i click on "dump save" and it simply crashes. on second and subsequent runs, it simply locks on "reading file list";

    This is my setup:
    NDS PHAT + DSTT V1.17 + Expansion Pack 3in1 PLUS + NDS Backup Tool slot 2 v0.4

    by the way, any option on first-run crashes(stands still with no progress bar colored in green and red)

    these were my attempts:
    ->Changing the microsd from sdhc to sd;
    ->removing ALL files, and leaving only the dstt system and backup tool(i have read that some of the problems were caused because too much files in the root or something like that);
    ->of course, the basic, removing and inserting carts, cleaning;

    the most strange:
    ->replacing the expansion pack 3in1 with a common gba catridge: when i loaded exppack tool, it did not said "exppack not detected" , as opposed to earlier versions of the program with exppack 3in1 normal(not plus);

    I noticed this:

    on subsequent-runs(after the first-run), i noticed that this folder was created "NDS_Backup" in the root.
    while existing in the root, the program freezes on "reading file list";

    erasing it, the program gets to work until i either choose ROM backup or SAV backup. after choosing these, the program freezes on "loading"

    i think that this v.04 isn`t really detecting the exppack plus, or either, there is a problem with TTIO(ttds auto dldi) because of these two:

    1)even changing the exppack for a normal cartridge(or none at all), the program does not shows "expansion pack not detected" as opposed to earlier versions (i think)

    2)It crashes after doing this: "please pull out a present card from slot1 and set a target card" on "reading file list"; and if is first-run, while the folder mentioned not existing, it freezes after trying to start to dump the file;

    other thoughts:

    ->then it maybe is not the TTIO, because i am able to backup the SAVs and ROMs from GBA carts to the slot-1
    ttds(using the GBA BACKUP TOOL);

    -> I already used tool wifi; it is useable, however the connection always fall, and the speed is only 500KB-2MB max, and dumping 128MB roms can be quite painful.

    Thanks to everyone who read this.
    again, sorry, i`m quite a newbie on this PLUS. the only thing that i got it to do so far is to write/read ROM and SAV for GBA.

    PS: soon i will be getting a acekard2i; maybe this will fix my problem? i dont think so :/
    PS2: sorry for my bad english; i needed to learn it by myself; my native language is pt-br.

    Again, thanks and sorry for the trouble.
  2. fearofshorts

    fearofshorts GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 12, 2009
    This may not be right, but I've heard that the Plus model of the 3-in-1 has some serious hardware problems. Maybe you should look into that.
  3. Raupi

    Raupi Member

    Dec 2, 2007
    Thanks for the reply;

    Yes, i heard too also about the problems..

    however, the same method that is used to write in the exppack by the nds backup tool, is used by the gba exploader, and this one is working [​IMG] ;

    i think that is the same method, because it writes the gba game to the NOR, and when i had the old exppack(not plus) it always showed "erasing NOR" and "writting to NOR" :/

    i am able to play the gba game, save, and recover the save; the rumble works, the extramem works with the opera webbrowser, and dslinux detects and uses the extra RAM [​IMG]

    i really think that this nds tool v0.4 has some sort of problem in treating the plus version..

    i, however didn`t found any other software for backing up the ds games; does anyone know any other? it it also does backup the ROM, it is good, but not necessarily;


    PS: I now really think that the thread`s title should be "nds backup 3in1 v0.4 problem" instead of the original.. how can ii change? or who to contact to change? thanks..
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