Even Earlier DSi USA Release?

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    This could be a lie but I dun think so.

    Lately, Prizerebel.com, a survey site which you can trustfully earn points and redeem prizes, added the Nintendo DSi in their Prize Section on March 2nd. So I thought to myself, the DSi USA release date isn't until April. Are these Japanese? I opened a support ticket and this is what I said:

    "Are the DSi's you are putting up for prizes in the Nintendo DS section of Available Prizes in Japanese or English?""

    Their Reply:

    "Those are english versions"

    The reply was sent in by a Staff Member. I think its an English version because the number points needed to redeem a Nintendo DSi on Prizerebel is 170 points (170USD). If it was a Japanese import, Prizerebel would be losing money since they are about $200. Although even if I had 170 points, I'd wait till the USA Release then buy it.

    NOTE: Those of you with 170+ points on Prizerebel, I suggest you DO NOT buy since once the prize is shipped, Prizerebel does not give refunds. If turns out to be a Japanese DSi, your stuck with it.

    So, is Nintendo playing favorites or is this a lie?

    ~ Jon
  2. Purses

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    Nintendo doesn't play favorites. Clearly a 'lie'.
  3. Blake1710

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    It's for preordering, I'm pretty sure.
  4. Reaper

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    It clearly says PREORDER. Sorry