european NDS on US adapter

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  1. klonoakun

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    Jun 30, 2006
    hi, i just wanna know if i can use my us power adapter on my european DS

    is it gonna blow?..

    thank you
  2. thelemmings

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    Jun 12, 2006
    Well don't plug the US adapter in a european plug or it will blow. But if you're just bringing you european DS to a trip in the US, the US adapter will charge your DS without any problem.

    The output (to the DS) of euro and US adapters are the same, but the input (from the wall) are different.
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    let me help clarify this.

    all nintendo ds systems, regardless of what region they are sold in, are the same (same battery). the only thing that differs is the ac adapter provided with them which regulate the amount of power provided by the wall sockets into the system based on the country they are sold in.

    ac adapters
    jp - 100-110 volt input (can be used in the jpn or the us interchangably)
    us - 100-100 volt input (can be used in the jpn or the us interchangably)
    uk - 220 volt input

    so, as long as you use the ac adapter native to the country that your in (ie. uk ac adapter in the uk, regardless of where the ds itself was manufactured), you're ok.

    if you want to use an ac adapter from another country (ie. you're taking a trip from one country to another (like the us to the uk) and are bringing along your ds, you'll need the appropriate step up or step down convertor to use your original ac adapter that came with your system. however, step up / step down convertors can be costly, so you might be better off purchasing an official ac adapter or better yet, if you have access to a computer in the country you're traveling to, pick up a usb power cable and use it instead. they're cheap ($5 or less) and they're your safest bet, since usb *always* outputs 5v no matter which country the computer is in.
  4. Kyro

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    Nov 5, 2002
    usb cable to recharge can also be a good solution... check liksang...

    EDIT : oops already said in the post above (was too long and red it after posting [​IMG] )