Error code 105-3102 work around with unknown previous homebrew software

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    Nov 18, 2014
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    I bought a Wii U 32gb second hand and found out after the fact the seller has bought it refurbished from GameStop (yup). Unsurprisingly I am getting error code 105-3102 when trying to run a sytem update. My current system is version 4.0.2. I bought the Wii U so I could play games online (Mario Kart 8). I sent it in to Nintendo and they found unapproved software despite having done a system restore multiple times. At this point I am ready to throw in the towel and buy a new Wii U.

    But before I do, I am going to try the manual update with a Mario Kart 8 disc. Does anyone have experience with this? What problems do people run into? Will that remove this unapproved software and allow me to do system updates in the future?

    I have also seen talk of reinstalling the homebrew and doing some sort of magic to completely remove the unapproved software (un-softmodding). I am open to trying that but that is so far out of my depth, I don't even know how to try it. Nor do I have anyway of knowing what software had been put on the console. Can anyone help kind of walk me through how to do this? Or have thoughts on trying that?

    Thanks so much guys!