(ErrDisp) Random Crashes in every game?

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    My old!3ds acquires:

    Sys 10.5.0-30U

    Luma 3ds v9.1 =

    only enabled: (x) Show NAND or user string in system settings

    Previously, it has rxtools and menuhax but I updated it to Luma for a better version. But ever since I did, these crashes keeps occurring. The following picture shows one of the crashes in Alpha Sapphire, and while all the process ID is 38, process names differs. In another instance, it's FFLINK. I'm aware that it's not caused by a bad cia as all of them were obtained from trusted sources, and I have a mac so I can't check it with H2testw. I doubt the sd card's the issue though, it didn't go through much errors in menuhax/rxtools. On the other hand, the sd card has been there for 3 years so it may be dying out. The 3ds may have faulty ram but then again, in the previous firmware there was barely any issues. Is there another possible reason for this issue, and a solution? Thank you so much in advance.

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    You could have continued from your old thread.

    1. Back up all your game saves and extdata with Checkpoint or JKSM.
    • If you have GBA Virtual Console games, learn how to handle their saves here.
    • This step is in the possible event of having to rebuild your setup from scratch.

    2 . Copy everything off the card and reformat it with these exact settings:
    - Partition: Primary
    - Disk: MBR
    - Format: FAT32
    - Cluster Size: 32 KB
    • I have little experience with Mac OS software and cannot properly inform you which one can correctly reformat it.
    • If Partition: Logical, Disk: GPT, Format: NTFS or ExFAT, the SD card can't be read by the 3DS.
    • Depending how big the size of the SD card is:
      • If the Cluster Size is too small, the 3DS loading times will be dead slow.
      • If the Cluster Size is 64 KB on a card that's 64 GB or smaller, this can cause incompatibilities with games such as GBA VC.
    • You can use GodMode9 to reformat your SD card by pressing (HOME) > More... > SD format menu > No EmuNAND > 32KB Clusters
    3. While the card is empty, run a full scan checking for hardware defects with F3X for (Mac).
    • Never assume a flash memory product is real at face value.
    • You can quit testing at the first sign the program detects an error.
      • This means your SD card is no good and can no longer be relied on, like worn out car tires. You have to replace it.
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