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Sep 9, 2021
United States

I had a working hacked old 3ds that I was running twilight menu ++ and freeshop on with no issues. I did a system update and then caused more issues by not fixing that correctly.

Some info:
  • not sure the region for sure, I used the US ctrtransfer file, the serial starts with SW
  • Current lumas version = 10.2.1
  • Current System version = 11.15.0-47u
  • I believe I am sysnand since godmode only shows sysnand partitions
  • I did a backup of my system originally but since it was so long ago I can't find it
Some steps taken that I think caused the issue:
  • performed a system update, and got an arm11 error
  • should have just updated lumas right then and there but unfortunately I went on a wild goose chase and now have issues
  • performed a ctrtransfer two times using the 3ds hacks guide and the following file 11.5.0-38U_ctrtransfer_o3ds.bin
  • still had the issue after doing a system update, so I did another ctrtransfer
  • I then followed the entire 3ds hacks guide for ctrtransfer only I didn't do a systems update
  • I finally figured I could just update lumas to fix the arm11 error after system update
Current issue:
  • when I try to launch twilight ++ or system > internet settings > nintendo ds connections > I get a "errdisp" error.
An error occurred (ErrDisp)

Error type: generic

Process ID: 19
Process name: am
Process title ID: 0x0004013000001502

Address: 0x001093aa
Error code: 0xc8804478

Some troubleshooting:
  • when I try the twlfix I get an arm11 error
  • tried using FBI and deleting 0004800f484e4c41 and 000480005484e4441 (ds download play) with the option "delete title and ticket", then performed a system update
  • tested my SD card with h2testw using "all available space" and came back with no errors
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