[EPILLEPSY WARNING] screen swap patch

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    If you're prone to epillepsy then cover the flickery area or don't use this patch!

    Becase someone in the Rosalina suggestions thread wanted to swap their top and bottom screens for some reason, I made a patch for absolutely no reason, because why not, it took like 20mins to do it lol

    Due to space constraints (I had to fit the patch into five instructions lol) and to preserve performance I'm not re-adjusting the screen registers, so on the top screen the empty area will flicker, and on the bottom screen the colors and the frame position will be off.

    Just extract the folder into /luma/titles and reboot your 3DS. To revert just rename/delete code.ips or the whole folder.

    Download for old3DS or new3DS

    Edit: the gsp I used is from 11.0, but this patch works on my 11.6 2DS, so this should definitely work from 11.0 to 11.6
    Edit: this patch is a low-effort meme, all it does is mess up the top screen's contents on the bottom screen and cause you migraine/epillepsy attack... the new3DS one is completely useless due to how stretched the image is

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    humm lol, i'll try it