Empty folder when attempting to unpack ExeFS.bin

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    I'm trying to unpack a decrypted exefs.bin to obtain the banner.bin and such. It is the official Mega Man GB VC game, so that I can edit the VC banner (the little screen on the gameboy-thing and the title text). I got as far as dumping the decrypted bins. I've tried every tool, GUI, and hack pack under the sun, crt-tool just gives me an empty folder. I followed this tutorial to extract the bins, I also tried using 3ds Rom Tools. Am I missing a step to get the banner.bin, or doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Edit: I figured it out. I used this lovely guide by Queno138, using his toolpack, choosing "Y" on the first question "Slowly unpack romfs?". low and behold, the contents are in the folders.
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    Sorry Mate You have to dump your own rom to extract Exefs and Romfs to do that use BrainDump.

    Edit: Oh so you found on your own, nice! Forget my post then plz
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