E3 2011 - Minecraft for Kinnect!

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by DJ91990, Jun 6, 2011.

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    So I was watching the E3 Live Stream on Youtube and I saw an announcement for the Xbox 360 that makes me want to buy a Kinnect for my Xbox 360! Minecraft makes its way to Xbox 360 with Kinnect!

    I am sure that everyone that owns a PC or MAC knows what Minecraft is, and when the final version is coming out [November 11th 2011.] According to the Xbox conference at E3 this year, Minecraft will be making its way to an Xbox 360 Kinnect near you, this winter!

    Thoughts? Comments? Win? Fail?


    My thoughts are:
    I am totally blown away at the idea of having Minecraft on the Xbox 360! I like the idea of finally being able to play Minecraft in 60 FPS! The downside is that the mods that you like to use will most likely not be available on the console version.
  2. EJames2100

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    Nope, heard of it, no idea of what it is though ?

    RPG, Puzzle, Shooter, Real-Time Strategy ?
  3. Schlupi

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    Isn't this already posted?

    Anyways... if it's Kinect ONLY I will NOT be buying it. That's fucking stupid, I don't wanna pay 150 bucks for that piece of crap. I'll just play it on my PC if it's the case.
  4. Slyakin

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    Making it a Kinect only thing would be the most stupid thing that Mojang has done (besides letting Notch code the game).

    First, Minecraft has to be broken by him every update. Now it's KINECT ONLY? Fuck you Notch.

    Unless of course it is also available for the 360 alone, which would be decent.
  5. sonknuck23

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    I read somewhere it's Kinect only. . .
  6. machomuu

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    Well there is always Minefortress...
  7. Serina

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    May 25, 2011
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    Um... Didn't... Notch... create... minecraft? Also, if I recall correctly, Notch isn't working on the 360 version.. Isn't he concentrating his personal efforts on the PC / Mac version?