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    May 9, 2008
    United States
    I have had a D2Pro chip installed for a few months and it can read originals and backups perfectly. The only side effect from the installation is the DVD drive motor runs longer than it should when the Wii is turned on and when a disc is ejected.

    You know the brief humming sound that the dvd drive motor makes when you turn on your Wii? Well for some reason when I turn on my Wii that humming sound keeps going on for several seconds longer than it normally would. It sounds like the drive is trying to suck in a disc. If I try to put in a disc while it's making this noise it will accept the disc and the noise stops. Or I can just wait it out and the motor will eventually stop running and then I can put the disc in.

    Also, when I eject a disc the drive no longer catches it so that it hangs there waiting to be taken out. Instead the drive spits the disc completely out so that it would go rolling onto the floor if I'm not there to catch it. The drive motor also continues to run longer than it should after ejecting just as it does when I turn the Wii on.

    Could I have broken a prong on one of the DVD drive gears or something? Any ideas as to what could be causing this problem?
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