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    Hey guys I have a few questions hopefully you can help me

    1. I have a dual booted switch however my backups and my save files form my emmunand shows up on the OFW should this be a concern to me? Lets just say if I wanna play online with my legit game and not open the backup games. (Keep in mind that I accidentally launched CFW sysnand once however I was on the DNS settings on wifi to block nintendo server.)

    2. What I read online is a fuse is burned by updating or downgrading your firmware since the switch has 32 fuses but what happenns when I boot into OFW from the jig method is a fuse being burnt? I only ask because I didn't enable auto RCM I dont wanna always keep the switch on sleep mode so I turn it off and then I use the jig to go back into the CFW or OFW. I heard that whenever a new update is made either OFW or CFW use choidujorNX because it doesn't burn the fuse. I'll try to explain myself better sometimes I would botch the RCM mode and my OFW cuts on does that considered a fuse burned or that's just normal. Whenever I go on the launch screen to choose CFW or OFW my fuses are intact?

    I have the Big Switch that have the CFW/OFW and I have the switch lite for my OFW but it's redundant to carry two switches if I can do everything on one device.
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    your emunand saves definitely shouldn’t be appearing on your sysnand lol
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