DSTT freexes on loading...

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    Sep 14, 2007
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    I have just got my new DSTT card and have filled a 1gb kingston card with 28 roms. It all worked fine so i decided to put some more games on. I put about 4 new ones on and when i ran them they got to saving sav file then it freezes. i turned it off and on again and the games that worked before now done work. there is no blue progress bar on the botom and the bottom left icon stops.

    I removed all the sav game file and it seemed to work, so a few at a time i put my saves back on and i found that one of them was causeing theis. then the next day it happened agan, non of the games work. I really dont want to keep going theough and removing my saves. Is this limited to the DSTT or does it happen to all the cards.

    Should i get a different type, i see that the R4DS is popular but isnt there different versions, like m3 real?