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    we all know that sport gems on the ds is quite a letdown (not total letdown)...i want a suggestion or maybe suggest a few of you people great ds sport games..if i miss anything just tell me k? i'll edit it. Feel free to suggest new great games

    soccer baseball basketball variety
    -Fifa 09 -MLB power bros -mario hoops 3 on 3 -mario and sonic at the olympic games
    -fifa street

    -Top Spin 3
    -Sega Superstar Tennis

    i REALLY believe there is more great sport games..and i would like you guys to suggest it
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    To your right.
    Haha i love tennis xD
    Currently seated 64 (i think) nationally for boys 16's in the U.S

    Best tennis game for ds is probably Top spin 3 or Sega tennis stars.