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    Dsision is an alternative menu/os for any flashcard (in theory)
    You can read about it Here and get it from Here.However despite following the instructions 'to-the'letter', some people still have problems

    I'm hoping that this post will help clear some of them up.

    If you happen to have problems with DSision2, please post in the DSision thread. Someone may be able to help.
    If however you HAD a problem AND got a WORKING solution - feel free to post here,
    but please can you try & keep to the basic format I've set out (Question in Bold with answer underneath) just to keep thing structured - thanx

    How do I install it ?
    General Installation instructions can be found here. Please note that these instructions are very general, & with some cards some slight changes need doing

    What cards work with Dsision 2?
    According to 'Spinal' it should work on any card - however not all cards have been successful. Info about what 'cards work/don't work' can be found here.
    (I've been trying to keep this up to date but it really depends on people posting to it with their success/failures)

    DSision loads up OK - but for some reason the 'DSi' theme colour scheme seems corrupted !
    There's a small oversight done by 'Spinal' when he updated DSision. In the DSi them folder there is a file called 'theme.ini' - In this file you'll see a list of colour code like '#FFFFFF'.
    Changing them to 'hFFFFFF' should cure the problem

    DSision is not remembering my chosen theme settings / keeps reverting back to original !
    This is a bit of a weird fault & it's not fully understandable why it happens. A quick fix is to copy a 'DSision.ini' file from an older version into the DSision folder

    Where can I get 'Boxart' for newer games / Homebrew ?
    I won't repeat it all here, it is a bit long winded - see This link for details instead

    When I start a commercial ROM, why doesn't it start ?
    DSision doesn't run ROMS - instead it uses an 'exploit' by using another program where it passes the filename of the ROM to this program (called YSMenu) which then autoboots the ROM.

    On some cards the files 'YSMenu.nds' AND 'YSMenu.ini' MUST be on the root directory of the flashcard - Check to see if you have placed the files in the right place.
    If they in a 'YSmenu' folder, move them to the root directory & try again.

    If they are in the right place (root directory) then check the 'YSMenu.ini' file. In there you will probably find a line that says 'Auto_Boot=/ds games/????.nds'
    (you'll only see this IF you've already tried running a ROM, otherwise it'll just say 'Auto_Boot='). If so - you need to move all your games into a folder called '/ds games/'
    The latest release of DSision (April 09) has a bug that insists that all ROMS need to be placed into a folder called '/ds games/' for it to find them

    Why, when I start a ROM, do I get 2 white screens &/or DSision 'locks-up' ?
    Are you using a SDHC memory card (2Gb or greater) by any chance ?, If so- then unfortunately that's the problem.
    DSision doesn't work with SDHC cards for some reason (although there are rumours that some flashcard have worked with them)

    This Video shows DSision lock-up with SDHC card

    Ok - My games start up, but how do I use 'cheats' ?
    To use cheats you need to prevent YSMenu from autobooting the ROM. to do this you start the game with DSision (using [A]) & when the screens start changing press AND HOLD the [ B ] button. You will now boot into YSMenu file selector - where you need to (re)browse to the game you want to cheat on

    This shows how to Bypass YSMenu 'autoboot. [Although it's for 'Moonshell & YSmenu Combo' - the principle is the same]
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    Quick addition, I think it runs on the Sakura firmware but if you try and run a rom via DSision 2 it will crash and the Sakura's disk check will say your card is corrupted (it's easily fixed by deleting the DSision files).
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    Sep 2, 2010
    how to change the theme?
  4. ShadowSoldier

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    Oct 8, 2009
    What the hell... talk about digging in the grave...
  5. CannonFoddr

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    I know - I had even forgot I had even DONE this post

    And to answer the question of theme changing
    Themes are stored in seperate folders in the /dsision/theme/ directory (you will see some already there such as ipod/layton etc)

    To Add new themes just create a folder & add appropriate graphics to it (look in one of the other folder to see what graphics you need)

    To change the 'theme' - IIRC you press either the [start] or the [select] button to call up the options & one of them is to change the theme
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