dsi touch screen problem

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  1. jamespoo

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    Mar 4, 2011
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    i won bidding on a dsi on ebay for 16.03nzd free shipping from japan it was sold as is they said they tested it works find just the touch screen has a blue color too it

    i have it here now but wanted to know why the screen has a blue color too it and can i fix it without replacing the screen the blue color to the bottom screen is not that bad when playing nothing that i can't live with but would be nice to fix
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  2. o0-Matty-0o

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    Jan 28, 2016
    In the past i've had a few of these where playing the R4 cards on them has eventually made the screen go blue, sometimes it's a replacement screen that fixes it, sometimes replacing the screen hasn't fixed it, i'm pretty sure there is no other fix apart from trying a different LCD, some of the lads on here my no different though ???

    Great price with free shipping . a bargain,
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    My DS Lite did this after I left it in the car over a very cold weekend.

    I replaced the LCD screen and it fixed it. They are pretty easy to replace and are pretty cheap to.