DSDatabase raffle and tournament

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    DSDatabase raffle and tournament
    Jump Ultimate Stars is the game
    Time once again for our friends over at dsdatabase.org (PharaohsVizier is the person behind it and very active both there and on the GBATemp forums) to give stuff away, this time around both a tournament and a raffle are going on. The event is sponsored by the Supercard team with the prizes including 3 Supercard DS ONEi flash kits.[/p]

    The raffle occurs at the end of the tournament. Entrants will be accepted until August 14th, 2009 with the requirement of 5 posts on the forum by the time the tournament is over, while players who participate in the Jump! Ultimate Stars Tournament will be automatically entered regardless of their post count.[/p]
    The game for the tournament is Jump! Ultimate Stars. Registration for the tournament will be limited to 48 players or all users that register before August 14th, 2009.[/p]

    DSDatabase Tournament General Discussion
    Signup for the Raffle
    Signup for the Tournament
    Detailed Rules

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    i know its old but who won? [​IMG]