DS wont read m3 real anymore anyway to fix?

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by eureca, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. eureca

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    My nephew has a M3 real and so do I. I bought one before I got his and it has the sd slot on the top and that one still works fine, but my Nephews m3 real which I bought afterwords which has the sd slot on the side wont read anymore. Its been a decreasing type of thing as its had problems where I would even put a piece of paper on the back of the card after I inserted it in the DS. And that would help it read, but right now that wont even work.

    Ive tried both cards on both our DS's and mines reads on both while his wont read on either. Anything I can do? I kinda remember hearing about some cards you can open and like insert a paper inside a card, but I don't know if thats possible with this M3 card.

    Anything I can do to help it read it?
  2. Originality

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    The fact that the SD is on the side is the new "ninja stealth" feature that was added into later makes of M3 Real. Basically, it's because when the SD is on the top, it's painfully easy to see and tell it's a flashcard and cops are allowed to confiscate the DS pending an enquiry as to whether you legally own every file on it. I've had friends who landed a fair fine because of this.

    As for it not reading... well, either something is broken (not likely), or one (or more) of the contacts are dirty. Try cleaning the contacts on the card itself. Failing that, clean the contacts in the DS. When you take carts in and out a lot, the DS contacts can get dirty fairly easily. The fact that the M3 Real is not a perfect fit doesn't help that (hence the piece of paper/card trick).

    Worst case scenario (which isn't likely considering your description) - the contacts (either on the cart or the DS) might be worn down or damaged. If this is the case.........simply buy a new one.
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    Clean the contacts with an ear swab and some rubbing alcohol. I just fixed another m3 simply like that and now it loads.
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