DS Wifi VoiceChatClient v1.4

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Oct 5, 2006

DS Wifi VoiceChatClient v1.4 by Costello at 8:26 PM (4,826 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    DS Wifi VoiceChatClient v1.4

    VoIP application for NDS

    Yes, there is a VoIP homebrew application for DS! The name is VoiceChatClient. A new version of VoiceChatClient was released today: v1.4. Here's a quick change log:
    To visit the official website: click here.

    [​IMG] To download VoiceChatClient v1.4: click here.

    To comment on VoiceChatClient: click here.

    Thanks to Nightstalker for the heads-up!

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