Ds lite top screen brightness problem!

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    Hi to all, I have a black Ds lite that broke a hinge long ago and the top screen was starting to die, so I bought a replacement top screen for it, well today it arrived and I installed it. Everything looks good but I noticed the lower screen is brighter than the replacement top one I just installed. Any one knows if its a defective screen or maybe I didnt plugged the ribbon all the way in the connector? Thanks in advance!
  2. MF Tlaxcala

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    I think the top screen you bought wasn't from Nintendo. isn't? If that`s the case, then that can maybe the reason that it is a brighter screen.. [​IMG]
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    My brother has a DSlite with the same problem. He bought it used at Gamestop and the top screen is dimmer than the bottom screen. Not by a lot, but it is noticeable.

    Isn't there supposed to be some potentiometers on the DS circuit board that could be adjusted to fix that? I don't remember anymore.

    (Heh, do you believe that I actually spelled "potentiometers" correctly without using a spell check? Damn! I'm good! LOL!)