DS Lite not connecting to hotspots

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    Jan 17, 2015
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    Hey guys
    I'm trying to get my DS on WiFi for save backups.
    I have tried many hotspot apps for Android, none of which worked. On the DS, there was one that didn't even show up but here's what happend with the rest:
    1. connection test starts
    2. Connection strength bar was red
    3. Wait less than a second
    4. Connection strength bar is full
    5. wait for up to 10 minutes
    6. gives error cannot obtain IP.
    So I manually add an ip and set DNS etc. Now here's what happens:
    1. repeat 1-5
    2. Says cannot connect. I am pretty sure the error code is 52100.
    Anybody know of a working wep/open WiFi hotspot app?
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