DS lite broken power switch and R button

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    Just got a broken DS lite on eBay for $10. It's in awesome condition, cosmetically and includes the dust cover and stylus. Looks almost brand new aside from a few scuffs here and there. Only problem with it is that the R button doesn't depress. And the power switch is completely loose. I'm assuming the spring in there is somehow gone or has moved. Is there any way to fix this without getting a new power switch? Because i really don't want to deal with soldering. I am just horrible at it and don't have the supplies.
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    I don't think soldering will be an issue, I imagine the plastic has broken or has become jammed.
    A tri-wing driver and about five minuets is all that it takes to find out for sure. :)
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    Not the best quality picture, but this is the DS Lite power switch:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    As you can see there's a piece of plastic sticking out from the side. It works because the actual power switch button has a notch in it, and the piece of plastic sticking our from the power switch sits into that notch.

    It's unlikely a spring inside the power switch would be gone or would move given how the power switch is made; the most likely problem is that said piece of plastic sticking out on the side has broken off.
    You can check by taking off the back cover (low risk of breaking anything by taking it off as long as you remove all the screws, but careful still.)