Tutorial Ds Homebrew Twilight menu++ tutorial!!


Dec 17, 2020
Hello all!
Today, ill teach you how to get Homebrew, Twilight menu++ and HIYA CFW (Optional) on your ds!
A Ds (Of course.)
A pc.
A sd card + a adapter if needed.
The Ds HB AIO package.https://www.mediafire.com/file/o9v7hg7cj21ycda/Ds_HB_AIO.rar/file
WinRar (Optional if you want to extract using 7Zip.)
Lets start Homebrewing!
First, download the AIO Package (listed) and format your sdcard to fat32.
Next, copy the files contained in the TO SDCARD folder of the aio package into the root of your sdcard.
Next, go into the PIT.BIN folder and find your version and copy the private folder also to the root of your sdcard and then eject your sdcard and put it in your ds.
Now, in your ds, go int to the camera app, then select sdcard, then album and voila!! You succesfuly gotten into the homebrew!
To check if everythings ok, open twl.nds (Or BOOT.nds) to check if it loads.
If it does, continue to the next part. If not, reply to this thread.
Now. Lets start by installing unlaunch.
To do this, start by launching the unlaunch installer.
Next, select install.
After its done, select power down.
Once you power it back off, it should load into unlaunch, Tadaa!!! Now for the final step:
Go into options --> Select no button -->Then select Twilight menu ++ --> Save & exit.
Then power off, then on and then..........
Congrats! if you dont see the health and safety thing popping up and see the Twilight menu++ splashscreen, that means you have succesfully added homebrew to your ds!
Now, if you want to add HIYA CFW onto your ds, then follow these steps.
Make sure your ds has unlaunch installed on it and on your pc 7Zip installed.
To start, open your ds and open firmware tool on your ds.
Next, select Backup SYSNand.
Once its done, turn off your ds and eject the sdcard and put it on your pc.
Now, go into the HIYA CFW Helper folder and execute the program.
Next, select the NAND you just backed up by going into the sdcard, then the enchanting table folder (The folder with random letters and characters) until you see the nand.bin file.
Then, Select install and select your sdcard.
Once thats done, eject the sdcard and put it back into your ds.
Now, launch into unlaunch and select options --> No button --> HIYACFW --> Safe & exit.
Restart your ds and......
If you see a settings menu, congrats!! You succesfully added HIYACFW to your ds!!!!!!
I hope you find this tutorial helpful!
Peace out!
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