Homebrew DS Emulation Compatibility Stats - December 2007


Jul 6, 2004
The DS Compatibility Databases crew have recently completed a full retest (the 550+ English games) for the No$GBA Database, along with updates to the other databases such as one showing the best emulator to use for each game

Each game is given one of nine playability rankings ranging from not playable through to fully playable (this is where someone has completed the game)

The results for No$GBA 2.5c are ...

80% of the games are rated as playable or fully playable
85% are at least fairly playable
6% have a lesser degree of playability
9% are not playable

Total compatibility (using multiple emulators) as at December 2007 is ...

87% of the games are rated as playable or fully playable
93% are at least fairly playable
3% have a lesser degree of playability
4% are not playable

The databases have been continually updated since 2005 and (together with live support from the crew) provide an excellent source of information for game players including verified save types and other settings where needed, known game problems, tips and solutions to some game problems and more

If a game you want to play isn't working or you are having problems with it, you may be able to get it working using another emulator (or version), different settings or even a slightly different way of starting the game - the crew have done the work so you don't have to

If you would like some live help from the crew or would like to use the databases, you can visit the crew using Java chat at http://www.dscompatibilitydatabases.co.nr/ (the best times usually being in the US/Australia afternoon/evening)

The crew would also like to hear from game players who have either completed a game on one of the emulators or have encountered a problem later in a game
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