DS #3359: Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir (Europe)

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    omfg what is that
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    Published by Nintendo, IGN gave it a decent score.

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    Already played through the US version. It's not too bad, if you like hidden object games.

    A millionaire has been kidnapped by a mysterious assailant. As a newly recruited detective, it's up to you to discover who is the heir to his fortune, and find the kidnapper from a list of suspects. To do this, you must find objects hidden in a series of cluttered locations, and solve puzzle type mini-games.

    This is actually one of the better, more playable "hidden object" games available for the DS.

    I used to enjoy playing Scholastic's Eye Spy games on PC, but none of the hidden object games on the DS can really compare to their quality. MillionHier comes reasonably close though. It has some pretty lame moments of course. Sadly, that lameness seems to be built into just about every game in the hidden object genre.