DronS 1.6 released

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    [​IMG] DronS 1.6 released
    light cycle game updated.


    n00bey has released an updated version of his light cycle game, DronS. For those new to these sort of games, light cycles were featured in the film Tron and have since become the basis for the trifecta of "hello world" style games. Gameplay is geared around 2 or more players including both cpu and human.

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    [​IMG] Download

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    Oh great I love these games, I have a version of it on my iPod Touch (Lightbike). Though I don't play games as much on my Touch as I used to, this gives me more reasons to get back into playing my DS more.
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    This one seems more visually pleasing, both the menu and the game itself.
    Online mode seems pretty nice too.