Drive cable clip on the drive board

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    May 8, 2008
    Yeah that's what I did [​IMG]

    Seeing Wasabi DX I installed was not working on a D2Nothing drive, fiddling with it, finally broke the thing. What can I do to fix the cable there? Any suggestions..

    I'm talking about this btw,


    And a weird thing Wasabi DX doesn't work with that drive but softmod works... Drivechip is a D3-2 lookalike with nothing written on it... It seems one of this

    1. Wasabi DX I got is faulty
    2. Wasabi DX is not compatible with this drivechip (still it's interesting it can be used with softmod)
    3. Or this drivechip is an interim one working with softmod but not with hardmod

    Another thing, I've got another drive modded with a messy d2c pro chip, lots of wires... I need autoboot feature and it doesn't support it. I'm bad at soldering so would it be ok if I cut all the kynar wires close to where they are soldered and install wasabi dx chip to that drive?

    ps1: Also that d2c pro chip has a feature so that you can disable it... What are my chances If I disable it and use the wasabi dx on the drive cable?
    ps2: Same story here : , but possibly I will not be able to find that replacement thing and even if I find it I'll not be able to solder it in place.
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    Well without mentioning much about the other things since a) I know little about hard mods and b) my attention span is shit this late at night (or early in morning...)

    However, I suggest you go troll the NDS Hardware subforum for a bit. If I recall correctly, there was a fix someone found (which should work for you too since the NDS and Wii both have the same damned type of ribbon connector... pains in the ass they are). It involved taking a piece of paper folding it in half and shoving it on the top of the ribbon cable I believe. Sadly, that is all I remember from it, that it had to do with paper when someone broke the clip :|

    I would search "broken clip" in the NDS forums, see what that turns out for you. But long story short it just was too wedge something in there to force the cable down to make contact. A ghetto fix at best, but one that should work for a bit.

    I wouldnt even bother trying to solder a new connector on if you had one lol... that soldering is WAY too small...

    And I would suggest that you didnt cut the wires for the chip, and either attempted to solder it or have someone do it for you. But this is just me liking to do things the way they are intended to be done; I have ZERO firsthand knowledge of hardmods, only what I have read here.

    Anyway, best of luck man, hope you can fix it without buying a new drive (If you do need a new one, i saw either new or pre-owned D3-2's on ebay for 17 USD, my friend got one. Didnt fix his isues though, I think something else is wrong with his wii...)
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    This. I use that trick to repair a lot of those connectors. You can have the best results with a single thick piece of paper.
  4. WiiCrazy

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    May 8, 2008
    Thanks everyone, stuffing something along with the cable is a good idea. Actually I too have thought the same thing after posting it here [​IMG]

    Maybe it would be better to glue the paper to the cable so each time I need to remove it would be easier...

    About removing D2C Pro (31 wires), I'm asking it to a modder... I guess it would be ok if I cut the wires at the modchip end and line them up in parallel over a paper keeping them out of contact...
  5. WiiCrazy

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    May 8, 2008
    To finalize it here,

    I've removed the D2C Pro off my D2C drive, cutting each wire at the modchip end... They were kynar wires, I just pulled some of them out (ones that are on the 3rd side of the drivechip to leave the rest to make at most 90 degree apart)

    The others I just used a double sided tape and lied them over that tape then covered them with another tape...

    Installed wasabi dx to this drive and I got it working...

    About the other drive, I'll use stick the paper trick..