Dragon Warrior III stats glitch

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    Nov 3, 2012
    Here's the problem.
    I was save/loading through Pachisi tracks in DW3, and after finally beating one of them I decided 1 STR and 1 AGL was a fair price to pay (I lost them on those darn signs) I saved my progress. In a few minutes I noticed that my hero deals almost no damage to monsters. I checked the stats and it appeared that I'm left with 47 of STR (that is lv.35). On the previous savepoint 32 lv. hero has 186 of STR.
    I couldn't find any reason for such an epic fail, and I'm thinking this could be some kind of glitch. Before I've tried and edited my savefile (thus becoming a double cheater), could someone supply any other hypothesis on where is my STR?
    I was playing on Lameboy on my DS. No quicksaves were involved - only "native" saving.