1. Simba580

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    Sep 13, 2009
    United States
    I Have Gotten to Port Prospect where The Photo guy wants you to take his picture but when i take a Picture I get a message saying unable to save to SD Card.

    Link to Image:http://imgur.com/DtDBZfF

    anyone got suggestions on what i can do?

    Only thing I thought of is if someone can tell me where the photos are stored and send me a copy of their photos.

    Edit: before Suggesting this. yes i tried changing region using LumaLocaleSwitcher just made it worse. wasn't able to even start the game.
    Edit 2: i Don't believe there's a problem with the SD card ether cause it installed stuff when first starting the game. and saving works just fine.

    Using USA O3DSXL + Luma3ds + dragon quest 8 USA UNDUB orchestral
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