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    For some reason, I can't find a .sav file for DQIX on my DSTWO. I've tried saving in Bahamut and Xenom's version, but neither gets me a .sav file. Is there something special I need to do to the rom? (Game saving works fine in the game, I can always continue at where I last saved. I wanted to play around with the save editor so that's why I wanted a .sav file)
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    ... You want the sav that YOU made? Huh, it should be in the list of save files under your games folder. Just click type in the organization bars on the top of the window and you should see it near the bottom (if they are organized by release.)
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    There's no SAV file at all for DQIX in the root menu of my SD Card (that's where I keep all my games)

    edit: I don't know why this is happening, but I found a way to fix it. For some reason, when multi-save is set to 0, no save file appears. I changed multi-save to 1 and got a working save file. (It was called dragon quest ix.1.sav)
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    I had this problem too... thanks for the fix [​IMG]