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    I want to know how to set up doom ds,, I have looked at different ways to do this, and it seems there are a few different ways to set it up. so can someone that HAS ACTUALLY DONE IT RIGHT, tell me how to do this,, and also, is there a way I can play w/ doom mods??

    which versions of pc doom can this play?? I know it can play doom 1,, but can it play doom 2 and ultimate doom?? and if I were to put all those on there,, can I switch between games??

    also I only have an android phone to work with to set it up
  2. Crimson Cuttlefish

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    Aug 15, 2016
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    I think you can play with any wad that works with the original doom engine. What I did to get it working is use YSMenu, then open Aura Launcher, then load ds doom from that.
    So it'd be [default kernel] > YSMenu > Aura Launcher > ds doom.

    Also, apparently @Kippykip has made an improved version of ds doom, which you can access here.
    Check it out.
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