Do you hike or backpack?

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    So, I just went on my first hike. We went almost 6 miles up hill, switchbacks and all, and set up camp. We each had our own backpack. I borrowed a backpack, sleeping bag, and a tent. I had a blast. The hike was moderate. It was hot af, but I wasn’t all banged up after. Bugs were plentiful and around most of the hike. The campsite was nice, but fires were banned. Nothing got wet the next morning. Is was a bit warmish in the morning. We are talking about going for 3 days and 2 nights. I think we would have a better time camping since we’d probably be able to have a fire.

    I’m taking a deep dive into gear of all sorts. I want to get my own tent and backpack. I have a 30 degree sleeping bag already and it wasn’t much bigger than the one I borrowed. I figure I can wait on a new sleeping bag. I want to save up and get a super dope $300-400 20 degree down bag.

    The backpack, I’m looking at the osprey volt 60l. I’m going with a $200 budget for the backpack.

    The tent is where my struggle is. I’m looking at a $200ish budget for a double wall tent. This one seems great, but I may be a bit tall for it.

    Any hikers here? I’d appreciate any input or recommendations.
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    Hiking is one of my favorite pastimes!

    For gear in general, it's a good idea to check out local specialty shops because sometimes they will have a returned goods section with specialized gear compared to your local big supermarket. If you're in the US, REI is a great store to check out (website: They have very good annual sales and I've gotten a lot of gear this way.

    I wouldn't stress too hard about the backpack and tent unless you're thinking about embarking on some multi-night trips. If it's warm out, you can string up a hammock, nestle your sleeping bag in the hammock, hang up mosquito netting, then a tarp over that to keep out the morning dew. It's an extremely light set-up and has worked for me for even 2- to 3-night trips.

    The hiking bag you're looking at is pretty sweet though and would last you a long time.

    I couldn't see the tent (it's behind a log-in wall) but that does sound on the pricey side. The important thing is for it to be light. Most fancy features can actually just be replaced with (wait for it)...a tarp.

    Sorry for the huge text wall but I hope this was at least somewhat helpful :-)

    Happy to try to answer any other questions you have!
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    I used to hike a lot in my teens and then stopped due to my drive to finish high school with as a little distraction as possible. I didn't really hike much for several years because my ex-boyfriend was a lazy lump of shit. I hiked every Sunday morning with my amazing ex-girlfriend before her and I broke up. Now my girlfriend and I are planning on hiking, but we've taken up extra side jobs to pay off some debt. Once we get our debt paid off, we will pretty much go hiking every weekend.
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    Tent and sleeping bag wise then most things around here are more chuck on the back of a motorbike and spend a weekend in a field/the woods somewhere.

    That said wherever I am at I will usually find myself wandering along foot paths with no particular place to go. If I find myself in front of a mountain or big hill then I tend to also find it a good plan (or at least desire) to wander up it. Better if there is some climbing involved though.
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    Why would you go to jail for hiking? :P
    I don't particularly like hiking but I do like camping.
    Might I recommend a hammock rather than a tent? More compact to carry and far more comfortable. You can get a decent hammock with tarp and bug net for that price, and if you want the ultimate setup, you can get a down underquilt and topquilt for it. You can get those for less than $200 a piece if you look around. You can use a sleeping bag instead of a topquilt but an underquilt is highly recommended because a sleeping pad will tend to bunch up underneath you or move around (unless the hammock has a pocket underneath for putting it in) and the inflatable ones will be flattened in spots causing cold spots.

    Hammocks have completely changed my camping experience. I used to always be uncomfortable laying in a tent because there was always some rock or root underneath me that I could feel through the sleeping pad. Plus, even with a sleeping pad, it's not exactly soft to lay on the ground. In a hammock I fall asleep more easily and sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed.
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    If you're going to start spending a lot of time in the woods, start with buying a decent knife. You're gonna need it.

    Next priority is boots.

    Then you can think about tent, backpack, sleeping bag, etc.
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    Nah, I'll just stay home and play videogames.

    I love nature but I'm not physically fit to go hiking or backpacking.
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