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    Hi guys. You probably saw in the shoutbox recently that my internet setup is experiencing some trouble. Here's the symptoms.

    - Google, or indeed any search engine like Bing, etc, will disregard whatever I type and send me on a wild goose chase before inevitably ending up somewhere totally unrelated. Example, I was trying to google for a name earlier, couldn't remember that it was Jessica Chobot who did Inside Xbox. Somehow Google assumed I wanted to be sent through four totally unrelated business websites for a fraction of a second each before ending up on eBay...trust me, if I could buy Jessica Chobot on eBay...you know what, not that relevant, let's leave the rest to our imaginations.

    - It's awful slow recently. In fact the netbook itself seems slower than normal. Nothing terminal though. But sometimes it is awful slow. Downloading a 620kb file shouldn't take minutes unless I'm in the 1940's.

    - Ever since I put the new 3G sim in my web dongle, it's had a few technical problems. Random disconnects, etc. It's possible my 3G dongle has taken a knock but it usually works ok.

    - Signal strength has been fluctuating much more than normal lately. I assumed it was a byproduct of the snow but I'm mentioning it anyway in case it's relevant.

    - The system has actually stopped giving me an error message about the size of my paging file. It's nice, but it's also stopped doing that the moment this DNS thing kicked off. Strange but true.

    I have taken the following actions to remedy the issue so far;

    - I checked out the DNS Checker site I was sent a link to in the shoutbox, but it claims I'm clear.

    - My friend is acquiring some anti-viral software for me as mine expired a while ago and frankly I've been to busy to care.

    - I'm running a scan of the system as best I can with the pre-installed facilities to see if I can find anything, but no luck so far. Troubleshoot detects nothing of use but that's hardly a shock.

    Any ideas? I can't bring the DNS site back up as the address I have in my quick select menu apparently no longer exists, and of course I can't google for the correct version 'cause I'll end up somewhere totally unrelated with some arse-lick virus engineer demanding I buy a product no human being actually needs because the only way he can justify his existence in his grandma's basement is by fucking up my computer to prove that he can. Listen to me, you pathetic little weasel. It's not my fault your mommy doesn't love you and that the cheerleaders mocked your mathletics team, ok? Go meet a real woman and find some meaning in your life before you break my netbook any further and I dig out your higher brain functions with a claw hammer.
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