Hardware DIY XBO analog stick octagonal gate


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Dec 4, 2016
United Kingdom
I like the octagonal gate on the GameCube controller's analog sticks, but want the benefit of a more modern controller (four shoulder buttons, clickable sticks &c.). You can get customised shells for the Switch Pro Controller with notches at the desired points (4 or 8, or more complex mods for use in Smash Bros), and it should be possible to file such notches in most controllers’ shells. However, with the Xbox One controller, this mod is much easier.

The Elite controller has plastic rings (sold as 'accent rings' as you can get them in different colours) around the analog stick wells (possibly the standard Xbox One controllers do too?). They're quite cheap to replace (especially compared to a custom complete front shell), and can be pried out without too much force. The rings have sixteen teeth that clip into the gaps in the controller shell. The eight directions I wanted to favour line up with the teeth of the ring (and the gaps in the shell). I cut initial grooves with a sharp knife, and deepened them with metal files (triangular and then round to smooth the corners).

I reckon you could cut a regular octagon reaching right out to the edges of the upper surface, but it actually feels OK with just the notches as in the photo. I can feel where the eight points are, but only snap to them if I'm aiming close to them and I push the stick right to the edge.


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