Dios Mios Widescreen list

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    I had some spare time so I tested what I had on my hard drive with the latest Dios mios.

    It's not as organized as I'd like but it's readable. Maybe we can pool our resources and come up with a comprehensive list.

    Working (no deal breakers):
    Mario Sunshine - has had a slight issue with things all the way to the side vanishing.

    Zelda OoT - yes really.

    WarioWare - camera is a little weird but nothing game breaking or annoying.

    Zelda Twilight Princess - some cutscenes look silly at the end/ Screen transitions only show 4:3 area

    Kirby Air Ride - some menu oddities

    Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

    Nicktoons Unite

    Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island

    Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

    Super Monkey Ball - Things disappear a little early off the side.

    NBA Street V3 - players sometimes disappear when in plain sight on the side. In testing it wasn't so bad.

    Beach Spikers

    Sonic Heroes

    Mario Kart Double Dash

    Mario Party 7 - weird graphical issues nothing gamebreaking.

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Paper Mario TTYD: transitions only happen in the 4:3 area, health bars for enemies and the "Y switch" icon are off center

    Mega Man X Command Mission

    Mario Party 6 - minor menu oddities

    Mario Party 5 - Character bubbles are really screwed up. Otherwise fine.

    Animal Crossing

    Big issues:
    Wario World - things dissappear off the side a little bit too much.

    Mario Baseball - possible stretching. Having trouble telling.

    Won't boot:
    Mario Party 4
    Viewtiful Joe 2
    Viewtiful Joe
    Mario Power Tennis

    Has native support:

    Games with cheat codes:
    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Needed: games with 16:9 cheat codes