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    [​IMG] Dingoo A320
    Official GBAtemp Review

    After many long nights and hours of testing, GBATemp is proud to present the Dingoo A320 official review. Take an hour of your day to read this very in-depth review/guide/FAQ on the Dingoo A320. Please post any comments or questions in the discussion thread, linked below.

    [​IMG] Dingoo A320 Review
    [​IMG] GBATemp's Dingoo Sub-forum
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    I was here... before...
    Applause Fantastic review Thanks ... Bravo !
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    East Coast, USA
    Another World is a beast! So many reviews lately. This one's great, very in-depth and informative.
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    he wasnt made Head of Mag Staff for nothing [​IMG]
    congrats AW, another awesome review, that has to be the best one on the web!
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    I havent read the review yet but just looking at it makes me say "holy crap, GBAtemp sure does have a mazing reviews" Theres so much detail it makers paid reviewers look like crap.
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    Sep 18, 2006
    WOW! I think I'm gonna get a Dingoo A320 now [​IMG]. I only care about SNES/GBA emulation. HOLY CRAP I'M SO EXCITED! *ORDERS*

    Thank you for the review, AW! It's was very helpful and very detailed! [​IMG]
  7. DarkMega NT Warr

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    After reading this review, I feel it's even more necessary to have a review of the GP2X Wiz as well!
  8. Another World

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    i don't want to speak before my hands are holding the hardware, but that one is planned.... eventually. i already know whats comming next, what might follow, and i'll mention that the R.P.G. running Wood R.P.G. firmware is currently getting some testing =P. although to be honest the R.P.G. isn't a priority at this point.

    anyways, thanks everyone!! this review kicked my butt a bit. there is a ton of information that i felt needed to be included. there are tools, apps, programs, patches, hacks, fixes and more that the reader needed to know about. otherwise what would have been the point? if you can't do it right don't do it at all!!!

    now i need some downtime. lol. mario kart ds anyone?

    @B-Blue: for snes you are going to want to dual boot dingux and use the snes emus for that firmware. it has a much higher compatibility. hm this reminds me that i have to finsih playing actraiser. i have a save state right before the last level. =)

    -another world
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    heheh, nice review [​IMG]
    i'll probably finally pick one up next time i get paid..
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    So that's the A320 reviewed. naturally there'll be an A330 review soon?
  11. Overlord Nadrian

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    Jul 28, 2008
    That's one hell of a good review, AW! I hope you continue making them like this! [​IMG]

    This makes me want to buy a Dingoo even more, but I'm all out of money ATM so I can't buy it yet... I hope someone gives me some money soon! [​IMG]
  12. Costello

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    yes, Shoptemp are sending him an A330 soon, hopefully we'll see the review sometime in june!
  13. Opium

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    Great review Another World! I found it very helpful [​IMG] It told me a lot about the device.
  14. iFish

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    What a great read Another World!!!

    This is what kept you from racing me in mario kart!?!? [​IMG]

    Keep on making great reviews [​IMG]
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    Nice review, got i myself have a HK Dingoo model so i keep away from Dingux, just use it for the native dingoo os emu's.
  16. Pliskron

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    The build quality isn't solid at all, the sound quality is very very poor, most emulators suffer serious slowdowns except the older systems, gba is pretty horrible. CPS2 has bad slow downs, SNES isn't even worth mentioning. The video playback on this unit was worthless not only because of the poor sound but many video files like FLV refused to play because the Dingoo was only compatible with files that use an older encoder. I can't understand why this thing has a minisd slot. I would give this system a grade of C. If you want a really good hand held to run emulators put the money toward a $120 Wiz. The sound is great. Build quality is top notch. It runs emulators %100 better. It has an oled screen that looks fantastic. The good things about the Dingoo is the size and it does well emulating older systems like Mame, Atari 2600, CPS, Intelivision, DOOM, that sort of thing.
  17. 754boy

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    Guess I'll keep using my PSP for my emulation needs.
  18. joepie91

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    A few additions:
    When charging through either a wall socket or a powered USB port (without actually being synced with the PC of course), users may press any button to hide the battery indicator and return to the main menu. The screen will then turn off according to the backlight settings. Most importantly, this works for wallcharging as well: it's perfectly possible to charge overnight.
    Second, a bug exists that, as far as I know, has not been fixed yet. Instead of repeatedly pressing B to return to the menu when browsing a folder, users can also press X. This immediately returns to the main menu. However, when done from the "Music -> Albums" view, the unit will hang and it will need to be reset. In all other views (including other Music views) this problem does not exist, and X works fine.
    Additionally my charger didn't have any heating problems (it's from a Black pawed non-HK Dingoo, even bought it before all the HK troubles).
    This comment is getting long, but another thing: When going to Music -> Setup -> Equalizer, the user can select Custom to change the Custom preset using the d-pad. If going "past" the last bar of the Custom preset, the user will end up at other presets. All presets are configurable, as long as you select Custom first in the Setup menu (not in the player itself!)
    Also, Video Playlist in the Video Settings menu can be used to see which files have "bookmarks". This is useful if you are, for example, watching a series, and can't remember what the number was of the episode you were watching. Just choose the last file with a bookmark [​IMG]
    Regarding the FM playlist: internal means that the frequency list is internally stored (invisible), and external means that it uses FM.ini, which you can use to give stations custom names.
    Flash functionality will play everything up to Flash 6, and does NOT accept "keyboard" or "mouse" input. So anything that plays by itself (no start buttons etc), and is Flash 6 at most, will play.
    The ebook function could get a little more attention since it is pretty extensive for a media player. Pressing A you can get the menu, which allows for changing the background color (very useful), text color, font size, and a few more things. It also supports automatic page scrolling, automatic page turning, and amazingly, Text To Speech (which can also be started by pressing Start with the menu closed). Pressing Select, you can open Jump Read, which is basically a (very convenient) page selector, to quickly jump to another part in the file. The Dingoo is actually a fairly good ebook reader, and if set to a black background and small font, it's very easy on the eyes. Only downside is that all ebook settings are reset when the Dingoo is powered off. Another thing to note about the ebook function: accented characters and apostrophes/quotation marks are sometimes displayed as Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters (the language may differ per file). If set to Small Font, this is not annoying, and after a few pages you will automatically see them as the characters they are supposed to be [​IMG]
    The TV-OUT function can be closed simply by holding the power button slid up, as if you are trying to turn off the Dingoo. It will go out of TV-OUT mode, and return to normal screen mode. If you hold the power button again, it will turn off as normal.
    The "lock" feature of the power button (which is enabled when you click it down) locks the keys completely which is very useful if you are listening to music. Personally, I have experienced minor static when using FM Radio in locked mode, however this problem does not occur in other modes (key presses also distort the FM radio signal slightly, not a lot though). The lock key doubles as a read-only switch when connected to a PC.
    Also, the battery lasts between 8 and 12 hours in my opinion. I have tested it on 12 hours for MP3/FM playback, 10 hours (average) for watching (not optimally encoded high-resolution) video (an anime series to be exact), and about 8 hours if I played emulated games the entire time. Charging takes about 4 hours here, both from wall charger as from powered USB port.
    I might also add that the included earbuds, although not having an exceptional bass, provide very clear and comfortable sound when used with the Dingoo. This may also be due to the HIGH quality of sound output from the Dingoo. I've had people attach their Sennheiser headphones to the Dingoo, and be amazed at the quality.

    A last comment regarding video: I have found that 320x240 30fps XviD video with a MP3 audio stream works optimally, and does not drop frames AT ALL. I have made a recording of my Dingoo playing a video in that format: http://www.sven-slootweg.nl/dingoo.flv
    The video shows some lighting and framerate problems, but that is due to my crap recording software. At 00:40 (when everything starts flashing) you can see really nicely how the playback of this encoding is on a Dingoo. The entire video plays at the framerate and quality at 00:40 [​IMG]

    Personally I absolutely love my Dingoo, and since buying it (somewhere in 2009) I have never not used it for even a day. It's practically always with me when I'm away from home for more than 30 minutes, and it's been extremely reliable. Just thought that this info may be worth adding [​IMG]
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    Very nice and comprehensive review. Cheers
  20. Clongetty

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    can it run SNES mode 7 game? super mario RPG anyone?