Different RAM stick speeds in different slots

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    Hi guys. So, title might be slightly confusing. Therefore, here's the story.

    For a while now, I had stuttering problems with my pc. Literally, everything was stuttering. Music was stuttering, videos were stuttering, games were stuttering, Photoshop was stuttering, even moving the mouse cursor was stuttering. So, after a short check on google, and an accidental realization while checking the back of my PC, it seemed to be heat causing the problem. Installed a vent on the case, and the overheating problem was dealt with. Not the stuttering. Hell, it became worse. So, more googling lead to checking my RAM memory. So, using the Ultimate Boot CD (thanks to a previous recommendation here on GBAT), I ran Memtest86+. First, with both memory sticks in. That's 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz. Result after 2 passes, 38 errors. Okay. Then, I removed a memory stick, and realized something interesting. In the first slot, the RAM speed shown on Memtest was 4188MB/s (or somewhere around there). On the second slot (which usually creates problems with booting my PC if I only have memory in it), the speed was 2866MB/s.

    Both sticks showed the different speed (~4188MB/s on slot one and 2866MB/s on slot two). And, both sticks had no errors after 1 pass regardless of slot.

    So, my question is not what the error cause. I know my motherboard is dying (saving for an upgrade). My question is, should I continue using both memory sticks, with the different speed per slot (which I think caused the stuttering, since I see none now) or should I just used 4 GB on the first slot until I get a new motherboard? Will the stick in the second slot get damaged if I use it with that lower speed?

    Thanks for your time!
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