Deception IV: Blood Ties releases March 2014 in EU/US

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    Deception IV: Blood Ties will launch for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America on March 25 and in Europe on March 28, Tecmo Koei announced.

    The game, a followup to PSone’s Devil’s Deception, puts players on the side of evil. It is a strategy focused action game revolving around Laegrinna, a deceitful main character known as the Devil’s daughter, who assisted by three Daemons defeats her enemies through traps and trickery.

    Laegrinna, “an animated fragment of an imprisoned Devil’s soul,” defeats enemies by luring them into strategically placed traps, set by players, from rolling boulders and spiked walls to spring boards, Iron Maidens, human cannons, falling bathtubs, and banana peals.

    Players must activate traps in a timely manner, as an untimely activation could result in Laegrinna falling into her own trap, or allowing her enemies to catch up to her.

    Depending on how players choose to kill or capture an enemy, the Devil’s three servants—Veruza (Sadistic Torment), Caelea (Elaborate Death), and Lilia (Humiliating Demise)—will reward players points and upgraded traps.

    Players wil be able to share their combinations of traps online. PlayStation 3 users can upload videos and challenge other players to beat their high scores.

    Other online elements include leaderboards, as well as downloading and uploading user created missions called “Cross Quests.”

    On PS Vita, players will be able to use the touch screen to select and activate traps.

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    Can someone describe the game to me?
    Looks interesting.
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    hunt them, trap them, kill them, good times loved deception 3 - Dark Delusion
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    Looks creepy. Do not want.
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    You typically play as a protagonist with no weapons. Stupid people try to kill you. You kill them instead. With hilarious and awesome and vicious trap combinations.

    Here's a primer:

    I LOOOOVE Deception. This is really the fifth game, by the way.
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    Thanks for that link was really interesting to read. I'm actually looking forward to this but it looks like it will be another import for me as EU is getting digital only on this one!