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    Here is Dead to Rights 3 - Retribution for xbox360
    It's RF .iso, in 100mb RAR files, m1 compression and it comes even with a proper NFO and SFV.
    So we present you some perks of having a real scene rls, instead of some noob repacking a p2p rls (StreetFighter).
    Grant City has fallen from its position as one of the world's great cultural and financial centers, resting now under a heavy shroud of crime and widespread corruption. One man must take a stand to exorcise the evil that has robbed the town of its glory; that plagues the streets of his childhood. One man must take down the ruthless gangs that control the night and weigh justice upon the power-hungry elite who unrepentantly bleed life from the city.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    FileName: dgr-dtr3
    FileCount: 74x100MB
    Region: Region Free!

    Note: Dead_To_Rights_Retribution-DIRFIX-XBOX360-DAGGER
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    Liked the first two games (and the PSP one to an extent), a shame that from what I've seen from this (at least in the last trailer I saw for it a while ago) it's turned more into a "tactical" third person shooter instead of a crazy oh my god did I just throw that guy up in the air and shotgun blast him from below third person shooter
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    Nice, I think I played a GBA version at some point.

    Added to the list for the upcoming summer drought.