Question Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 : Scarlet Complete Save Data?

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    If you are just trying to get them to lvl 100 save the time and grab the save file right above as all girls are lvl 100 in it
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    I did but it starts on day 5, I already got the 1000 messages about unlocks. Can I quit vacation and level 100 remains or do I have to finish this current vacation? Im dying of boredom, day 10.

    Also does that savegame include all swimwear unlocked (aka combined with previous save from same guy) or nah? I can't tell, first time playing this.
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    I just quit the vacation as soon as I got to the hotel and all girls stayed at 100. I think it has all swimshop swimsuits unlocked but not the owner's shop swimsuits. I may be wrong as there are a lot of swimsuits in the closet in the hotel as well. The 2nd save game would overwrite the first one posted as all girls were lvl 1 in the first save game posted.
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    There shouldnt be such a thing as a loved food item. And it there is, its probably more than +3. :)

    Marie-Rose got to eat cheesecake for +3 in my case. :)

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    The only value thats persistent is excitement (the once with the star next to the chara portrait, when pressing Y on the chara screen). That never drops.

    Satisfaction 'raises' the satisfaction stat on the next vacation with that character (usually, unless you played very poorly), and is all over the place, unless you "quit vaccation", in which case the (sub-) value we are interested in resets to 400. (In game 40 presumably.)

    If you quit a vacation you'll lose XP (you gain nothing), and satisfaction - basically. But satisfaction we'll raise to 9999999 by cheating.. ;)

    XP we are not interested in either - because player level 110 comes "for free" the first time you cheat satisfaction (the value in the hearts at the chara portraits.).
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    That last save doesn't seem right, needs to be cleaned up.
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    Whats wrong with it? I was about to download it myself. It has all girls level 100 and all swimsuits, right?
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    How do check all swimsuits and why is all swimsuits considered completion but you guys don't talk about say, poses?
    Is there a checklist of what's considered 100% (at any given time considered there will be new DLC swimsuits, items and girls)?

    So far we have
    1. Level 100 excitement with all girls which means doing a trivial walk-through with 2 or 3 conditions met means a S+ rank each vacation due to initial satisfaction value. (If I mixed excitement with satisfaction, then just do the switch, idea is the same).
    2. Level 110 owner via (1), which gives you access to all options on main menu's second choice (owner paradise or whatever).
    3. Girl/Owner max level (3M) which has to be frozen or repeated but means infinite money for infinite things.

    But what about
    1. Swimsuits? Is 100% if each girl owns every swimsuit ever in the game? Also if owner owns every swimsuit in the game? (Assuming owner won't give away an item as a gift and un-complete the collection)
    2. Premium tickets? Do you require those at all? I've seen collections that can only be bought with premium tickets, but is it a sure assumptions buying each item separately with regular money, you do the same and won't miss anything?
    3. Poses? Isn't the goal to also have every single pose with every single girl? How do you check completion of this?
    4. Special items? Like the sonar or whatever for girls to stare at you etc, how to track completion?
  8. BlackwingAngelx

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    All poses would surely be nice a well. As for point number 2, there are items that require tickets. Some of them can be bought separately with normal currency, but there was at least 1 pack that didn't have that option. So without tickets we do indeed miss out on some stuff.
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    Mar 22, 2019
    Something weird, take for example the sailor uniform for Kasumi.

    0007018C is the one you get while you play with her.

    But 0001018C - 0009018C are also valid ids for the same swimsuit.

    Is this in relation to body types?

    Also found the DLC costumes, 00070500, for example, is the dumb reindeer costume.
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    That's a shame. I guess only way to find the premium offsets would be to have someone's savegame with a significant non-trivial amount of them (e.g not 1 but like 57 or something searchable). However I'm almost sure premium tickets are probably not stored in a savegame but rather somewhere in the cloud?

    How are you finding costumes. This may be the only sure way in the future to unlock stuff since premium tickets are required so infinite money would render worthless for some stuff.
  11. Kerfuffle

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    Mar 22, 2019
    X can be whatever, 0-F. X, in this case, is actually in relation to the number of items in your inventory. Say you have already 7 items and wish to buy some suntan or sunscreen lotion for item swapping, the item id to search for would be in that case 00070231, counting from 0-6.

    If you wish to do this in Edizon you have to convert the hex values to dec.

    000X0231 Suntan Lotion A
    000X0232 Sunscreen A

    Random Junk:

    000X029A Secret Ticket
    000X029B Tempting Ticket
    000X029C Dangerous Ticket
    000X029D Forbidden Ticket

    000X03FC - 000X0460 Base Game Pose Card
    000X053B - 000X0544 Leifang & Misaki Pose Card

    000X01CC - 000X0230 Gift items
    000X0556 - 000X055B New gift items

    000X0233 Nail Polish (Purple)
    000X0234 Nail Polish (Pink)
    000X0235 Nail Polish (Blue)
    000X0236 Nail Polish (White)
    000X0237 Nail Polish (Green)
    000X0238 Nail Polish (Orange)
    000X0239 Nail Polish (Cream)
    000X023A Nail Polish (Cobalt)
    000X023B Nail Polish (Black)
    000X023D Nail Polish Remover

    000X0254 Cutting-Edge Camera
    000X029E Tilt-Sensing Camera

    000X02A1 Silver Fan
    000X0538 Golden Fan*
    000X0539 Silver Fan*
    000X053A Jet Black Fan*

    000X056A Softness Sensor*
    000X05B7 Softness Sensor (Ayane)*
    000X05B8 Softness Sensor (Helena)*
    000X05B8 Softness Sensor (Honoka)*
    000X05BA Softness Sensor (Hitomi)*
    000X05BB Softness Sensor (Kasumi)*
    000X05BC Softness Sensor (Kokoro)*
    000X05BD Softness Sensor (Marie Rose)*
    000X05BE Softness Sensor (Momiji)*
    000X05BF Softness Sensor (Nyotengu)*
    000X05C0 Softness Sensor (Leifang)*
    000X05C1 Softness Sensor (Misaki)*

    000X01A5 Kasumi - Wear hair down
    000X01A7 Kasumi - Wear ponytail (yellow)
    000X01A8 Kasumi - Wear pigtails
    000X01A9 Kasumi - Wear ponytail (blue)
    000X01AA Kasumi - Wear side ponytail
    000X01AB Honoka - Wear ribbon
    000X01AC Honoka - Wear hair down
    000X01AE Marie - Wear bunches A
    000X01AF Marie - Wear bunches B
    000X01B0 Marie - Wear hair down
    000X01B2 Ayane - Wear Bandana
    000X01B3 Ayane - Wear hair down
    000X01B5 Ayane - Wear ponytail
    000X01B6 Ayane - Wear bunches
    000X01B7 Nyotengu - Wear hair down (with accessory)
    000X01B8 Nyotengu - Wear hair down (no accessory)
    000X01BA Kokoro - Wear hair down
    000X01BC Kokoro - Wear on side
    000X01BD Kokoro - Wear ponytail
    000X01BE Hitomi - Wear headband
    000X01BF Hitomi - Wear hair down
    000X01C1 Hitomi - Wear ponytail
    000X01C2 Hitomi - Wear bob
    000X01C3 Momiji - Wear ponytail
    000X01C4 Momiji - Wear bob
    000X01C6 Momiji - Wear hair down
    000X01C8 Helena - Wear ponytail
    000X01C9 Helena - Wear hair down
    000X01CB Helena - Wear braids
    000X054F Leifang - Braid Ring
    000X0550 Leifang - Long
    000X0551 Leifang - Twintails
    000X0553 Misaki - Sidetail
    000X0554 Misaki - Sidetail (No accessories)
    000X0555 Misaki - Long (No accessories)

    000X003F - 000X018E Base Game Swimsuits
    000X056B - 000X05A8 Lei Fang & Misaki Swimsuits

    000X05B6 Scarlet swimsuit

    DLC swimsuit inventory ids:

    000X05B4 "Forbidden Fruit" Swimsuit: Vermillion
    000X05B5 "Forbidden Fruit" Swimsuit: Stardust

    000X02E8 Eel A
    000X02E9 Eel B
    000X02EA Eel C
    000X02EB Eel D
    000X02EC Eel E
    000X02ED Eel F
    000X02EE Eel G
    000X02EF Eel H
    000X02F0 Eel I

    000X02F1 Whirlwind A
    000X02F2 Whirlwind B
    000X02F3 Whirlwind C
    000X02F4 Whirlwind D
    000X02F5 Whirlwind E
    000X02F6 Whirlwind F
    000X02F7 Whirlwind G
    000X02F8 Whirlwind H
    000X02F9 Whirlwind I

    000X0303 Peanut A
    000X0304 Peanut B
    000X0305 Peanut C
    000X0306 Peanut D
    000X0307 Peanut E
    000X0308 Peanut F
    000X0309 Peanut G
    000X030A Peanut H
    000X030B Peanut I

    000X030C Caviar A
    000X030D Caviar B
    000X030E Caviar C
    000X030F Caviar D
    000X0310 Caviar E
    000X0311 Caviar F
    000X0312 Caviar G
    000X0313 Caviar H
    000X0314 Caviar I

    000X0315 Niagara A
    000X0316 Niagara B
    000X0317 Niagara C
    000X0318 Niagara D
    000X0319 Niagara E
    000X031A Niagara F
    000X031B Niagara G
    000X031C Niagara H
    000X031D Niagara I

    000X031E Peace A
    000X031F Peace B
    000X0320 Peace C
    000X0321 Peace D
    000X0322 Peace E
    000X0323 Peace F
    000X0324 Peace G
    000X0325 Peace H
    000X0326 Peace I

    000X0327 Savanna A
    000X0328 Savanna B
    000X0329 Savanna C
    000X032A Savanna D
    000X032B Savanna E
    000X032C Savanna F
    000X032D Savanna G
    000X032E Savanna H
    000X032F Savanna I

    000X0331 Norimaki A
    000X0332 Norimaki B
    000X0333 Norimaki C
    000X0334 Norimaki D
    000X0335 Norimaki E
    000X0336 Norimaki F
    000X0337 Norimaki G
    000X0338 Norimaki H
    000X0339 Norimaki I

    000X033A Macchiato A
    000X033B Macchiato B
    000X033C Macchiato C
    000X033D Macchiato D
    000X033E Macchiato E
    000X033F Macchiato F
    000X0340 Macchiato G
    000X0341 Macchiato H
    000X0342 Macchiato I

    000X0343 Labyrinth A
    000X0344 Labyrinth B
    000X0345 Labyrinth C
    000X0346 Labyrinth D
    000X0347 Labyrinth E
    000X0348 Labyrinth F
    000X0349 Labyrinth G
    000X034A Labyrinth H
    000X034B Labyrinth I

    000X034C Popcorn A
    000X034D Popcorn B
    000X034E Popcorn C
    000X034F Popcorn D
    000X0350 Popcorn E
    000X0351 Popcorn F
    000X0352 Popcorn G
    000X0353 Popcorn H
    000X0354 Popcorn I

    000X0357 Bamboo Shoot A
    000X0358 Bamboo Shoot B
    000X0359 Bamboo Shoot C
    000X035A Bamboo Shoot D
    000X035B Bamboo Shoot E
    000X035C Bamboo Shoot F
    000X035D Bamboo Shoot G
    000X035E Bamboo Shoot H
    000X035F Bamboo Shoot I

    000X0360 Aroma A
    000X0361 Aroma B
    000X0362 Aroma C
    000X0363 Aroma D
    000X0364 Aroma E
    000X0365 Aroma F
    000X0366 Aroma G
    000X0367 Aroma H
    000X0368 Aroma I

    000X0369 Puff A
    000X036A Puff B
    000X036B Puff C
    000X036C Puff D
    000X036D Puff E
    000X036E Puff F
    000X036F Puff G
    000X0370 Puff H
    000X0371 Puff I

    000X0372 Waffle A
    000X0373 Waffle B
    000X0374 Waffle C
    000X0375 Waffle D
    000X0376 Waffle E
    000X0377 Waffle F
    000X0378 Waffle G
    000X0379 Waffle H
    000X037A Waffle I

    000X039A Wild A
    000X039B Wild B
    000X039C Wild C
    000X039D Wild D
    000X039E Wild E
    000X039F Wild F
    000X03A0 Wild G
    000X03A1 Wild H
    000X03A2 Wild I

    000X03A3 Innocence A
    000X03A4 Innocence B
    000X03A5 Innocence C
    000X03A6 Innocence D
    000X03A7 Innocence E
    000X03A8 Innocence F
    000X03A9 Innocence G
    000X03AA Innocence H
    000X03AB Innocence I

    000X03AC Sandwich A
    000X03AD Sandwich B
    000X03AE Sandwich C
    000X03AF Sandwich D
    000X03B0 Sandwich E
    000X03B1 Sandwich F
    000X03B2 Sandwich G
    000X03B3 Sandwich H
    000X03B4 Sandwich I

    000X03B5 Decuple A
    000X03B6 Decuple B
    000X03B7 Decuple C
    000X03B8 Decuple D
    000X03B9 Decuple E
    000X03BA Decuple F
    000X03BB Decuple G
    000X03BC Decuple H
    000X03BD Decuple I

    000X03D8 Illusion A
    000X03D9 Illusion B
    000X03DA Illusion C
    000X03DB Illusion D
    000X03DC Illusion E
    000X03DD Illusion F
    000X03DE Illusion G
    000X03DF Illusion H
    000X03E0 Illusion I

    000X03E1 Mill's Mess A
    000X03E2 Mill's Mess B
    000X03E3 Mill's Mess C
    000X03E4 Mill's Mess D
    000X03E5 Mill's Mess E
    000X03E6 Mill's Mess F
    000X03E7 Mill's Mess G
    000X03E8 Mill's Mess H
    000X03E9 Mill's Mess I

    000X03EA Sweet A
    000X03EB Sweet B
    000X03EC Sweet C
    000X03ED Sweet D
    000X03EE Sweet E
    000X03EF Sweet F
    000X03F0 Sweet G
    000X03F1 Sweet H
    000X03F2 Sweet I

    000X03F3 Lazy Morning A
    000X03F4 Lazy Morning B
    000X03F5 Lazy Morning C
    000X03F6 Lazy Morning D
    000X03F7 Lazy Morning E
    000X03F8 Lazy Morning F
    000X03F9 Lazy Morning G
    000X03FA Lazy Morning H
    000X03FB Lazy Morning I

    000X04A5 Mummy A
    000X04A6 Mummy B
    000X04A7 Mummy C
    000X04A8 Mummy D
    000X04A9 Mummy E
    000X04AA Mummy F
    000X04AB Mummy G
    000X04AC Mummy H
    000X04AD Mummy I

    000X04BE Asari A
    000X04AF Asari B
    000X04B0 Asari C
    000X04B1 Asari D
    000X04B2 Asari E
    000X04B3 Asari F
    000X04B4 Asari G
    000X04B5 Asari H
    000X04B6 Asari I

    000X04B7 Pistachio A
    000X04B8 Pistachio B
    000X04B9 Pistachio C
    000X04BA Pistachio D
    000X04BB Pistachio E
    000X04BC Pistachio F
    000X04BD Pistachio G
    000X04BE Pistachio H
    000X04BF Pistachio I

    000X04C0 Scallops A
    000X04C1 Scallops B
    000X04C2 Scallops C
    000X04C3 Scallops D
    000X04C4 Scallops E
    000X04C5 Scallops F
    000X04C6 Scallops G
    000X04C7 Scallops H
    000X04C8 Scallops I

    000X04D3 Clinic A
    000X04D4 Clinic B
    000X04D5 Clinic C
    000X04D6 Clinic D
    000X04D7 Clinic E
    000X04D8 Clinic F
    000X04D9 Clinic G
    000X04DA Clinic H
    000X04DB Clinic I

    000X04DC Clione A
    000X04DD Clione B
    000X04DE Clione C
    000X04DF Clione D
    000X04E0 Clione E
    000X04E1 Clione F
    000X04E2 Clione G
    000X04E3 Clione H
    000X04E4 Clione I

    000X04E5 For You A
    000X04E6 For You B
    000X04E7 For You C
    000X04E8 For You D
    000X04E9 For You E
    000X04EA For You F
    000X04EB For You G
    000X04EC For You H
    000X04ED For You I

    000X04EE Santa Claus A
    000X04EF Santa Claus B
    000X04F0 Santa Claus C
    000X04F1 Santa Claus D
    000X04F2 Santa Claus E
    000X04F3 Santa Claus F
    000X04F4 Santa Claus G
    000X04F5 Santa Claus H
    000X04F6 Santa Claus I

    000X04F7 Salmon Roe A
    000X04F8 Salmon Roe B
    000X04F9 Salmon Roe C
    000X04FA Salmon Roe D
    000X04FB Salmon Roe E
    000X04FC Salmon Roe F
    000X04FD Salmon Roe G
    000X04FE Salmon Roe H
    000X04FF Salmon Roe I

    000X0500 Biscuit A
    000X0501 Biscuit B
    000X0502 Biscuit C
    000X0503 Biscuit D
    000X0504 Biscuit E
    000X0505 Biscuit F
    000X0506 Biscuit G
    000X0507 Biscuit H
    000X0508 Biscuit I

    000X0509 Ocean Sunfish A
    000X050A Ocean Sunfish B
    000X050B Ocean Sunfish C
    000X050C Ocean Sunfish D
    000X050D Ocean Sunfish E
    000X050E Ocean Sunfish F
    000X050F Ocean Sunfish G
    000X0510 Ocean Sunfish H
    000X0511 Ocean Sunfish I

    000X0512 Sea Anemones A
    000X0513 Sea Anemones B
    000X0514 Sea Anemones C
    000X0515 Sea Anemones D
    000X0516 Sea Anemones E
    000X0517 Sea Anemones F
    000X0518 Sea Anemones G
    000X0519 Sea Anemones H
    000X051A Sea Anemones I
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    Try 403 for initial value. Looks like it varies sometimes. (My guess is it's related to the swimsuite she wears at start, but no confirmation yet).

    Edit: Confirmed. If the character wears the swimsuite she LIKEs at the start of vacation (like most or all characters do at fresh save) ,initial satisfaction value is 403. If she wears otherwise(indifference,dislike,hate) at the start, then the initial value is 400.
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    The whole world makes sense now
  14. Mizo

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    May 27, 2016
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    Thank you guys! I've been looking for this xD now I can buy all the costume for my DOAX3 waifus.

    Now we need a Nude mod for all girls :)

    BTW the DOAX3 Scarlet save file posted worked just fine and it has all the swimsuit (only the Scarlet is missing).
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    Nov 27, 2013
    dude, feel dizzy going through such text wall! never expected that even dating E-grills are such complicated lol
  16. Kerfuffle

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    Mar 22, 2019
    Argh, I can't find the Venus and Fortune swimsuits...

    Thought they would be near the other owner shop items, no deal.
    Probably really removed the files for those, haven't bothered yet unpacking the game to really check.
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  17. Psychdelic

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    Do you mind sharing how you find those values, are you using a debugger or something?
  18. Kerfuffle

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    Mar 22, 2019
    I just looked at those weird savegames previously posted, opened them in a hex editor, then guessed/extrapolated from the existing item id's.
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    I just upload a savedate,I'm not a hacker.But we can see it is scarcely possible to let every girls have all swimwears without golden tickets
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  20. Mizo

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    Yeah, I downloaded the save you posted and it worked.

    If I'm correct all swimsuits are available at Owner Paradise, only the Scarlet Swimsuit is not available. I know is not a 100% unlocked Savedata but at leats Girls have Lv100 and Owner has L110.

    Is there a code or something to raise the satisfaction or maybe a code like "Girls always accept gifts"?

    Edit: The savefile have all swimsuits unlocked (Owner Paradise) for most of the girls included the Scarlet.

    Scarlet. Misaki.
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