Data attached to Nintendo account?

Discussion in '3DS - Nintendo Network' started by elCerebrain, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. elCerebrain

    elCerebrain Member

    Dec 23, 2016
    Bogotá, DC
    Hello, fellas.

    I've got a O3DS XL with a Nintento Network account synced to it but I don't really remember that account's password and I deleted the linked email to it some time ago. I'm trying to remember the password but I was wondering what data would be lost if I shut down the account.

    I only have Pokémon X (cartridge) and Pokémon Moon (digital), I think that if I get Luma3DS+ARM9LH I could backup my savefile for Pokémon Moon but I don't know if I can do the same with Pokémon X.

    Thank you for the help.
  2. McWhiters9511

    McWhiters9511 That's Rad Bro

    Mar 28, 2016
    United States
    hack it then backup the moon data. you wouldnt need to for x if its a cartridge the save should be on the card
  3. Imacaredformy2ds

    Imacaredformy2ds Smartass

    Nov 17, 2016
    With JKSM you can backup both digital and physical games
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