Dare to be different? Or stay the same?!

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    Jul 26, 2012
    I plan to get a 3DS console and a DSi XL console, now here is the question:
    Is it better to choose a flashcard that works best with the 3DS and then a different flashcard that works best on a DSi console? Or is there a flashcard that works fantastically for both of these consoles?
    I don't mind buying two different flashcards if they will be a better match for each console iykwim? But also, it would be nice if the same cart/s could be used successfully in either console (you know, so the kids can share).
    I hope you understand what I'm getting at... like maybe it is better to get something specifically for that console rather than something that just works generally fine on multiple consoles??? Any advice, ideas, recommendations? All welcome!
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    The DSi and 3DS both use the same type of security and flash carts run in DS-mode on both of them, so no, there's not a difference.


    The same cart can work in both systems without a problem, seeing as there's no difference in how they run on a DSi versus a 3DS.