Cupcakes: Tools of the Patriarchy

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    The Trouble With Cupcakes

    Well, I mean, I don't like cupcakes all that much either, so I guess-
    Um, sure? I mean, I don't know if I'd describe them like that, but-
    Please, they're just cakes. I-


    TL;DR: Cupcakes are tools of the patriarchy, designed to oppress womyn. Like all foods, cupcakes are inherently sexist. If you really care about women, why aren't you subsisting off of tofu paste yet?
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  2. PityOnU

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    What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays?

    Seriously, being a feminist in today's society just means you hate men.
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    I regularly read liberal feminist blog "Jezebel" and have come to certain understandings of what a "patriarchal society" entails, among other such teachings. While this blog article conveys a sense of sympathy for the feminist movement, I don't believe it actually encompasses such ideals. I would guess feminists would label this article "white knighting," in other words the author (a man) is trying to earn brownie points (or rather cupcake points) by putting women on a pedestal instead of treating them like equal human beings. Of course I am still learning about people so I could be off the mark.
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    This dude just mad that videogames aren't art and now he's going after female version of videogames, teh cupcake.
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    This is what I've always found facepalm-worthy of the sort of feminists who cry "patriarchy" at even the slightest provocation.

    Honestly, the only difference between this sort of feminism and general conspiracy culture is that the former believes that men are the perpetrators of these outlandish conspiracies while the latter has the imagination to say it was lizard men or some other whacked-out nonsense.

    Also, both of them go counter to a saying I've found very true in life; "Assume incompetence before malice." Being evil takes hard work, but stupidity is every bit as vast as our finite nature.
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    On the topic of cupcakes, to enjoy a better frosting to cake ratio, one should remove the bottom portion of the cupcake and flip onto the top portion, creating a mini layer cake, or makeshift whoopie pie. Makes consuming these things easier.

    I was never a fan of magnolia's actual cake part of the cupcake, that and buttercream frosting is gross. Butter that is whipped with sugar, gross.