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    Jan 3, 2008

    CQuake is a port of Quake for the Nintendo DS. The project has seen many revisions that have not only brought speed increases and MP3 support, but also a DSi-Mode release. The developer, elhobbs, is at it again and this release adds local multiplayer to the mix. If you happen to test out this release, please be so kind as to post your findings in the on-going discussion thread.

    Setting up CQuake requires a bit more than what is included with the download. Start by grabbing the 7/27/08 package and then extract it. Place the NIFI cnquake.nds and the cquake.ini file (found in the 7/27/08 archive) into ROOT. Make a folder in ROOT called ID1 and place the Quake PAK files into it (PAK0.PAK [74E3B084], PAK1.PAK [2E803216]). Into the ID1 directory also place the autoexec.cfg, config.cfg, and progs.dat files which came in the 7/27/08 archive.

    Custom Config File
    I’ve set up a custom config file that uses all button controls (Doom style). If you want to use these settings just edit the config file and paste in the following values below.

    bind	DSSELECT			"toggleconsole"
    bind	DSSTART				"togglemenu"
    bind "DSUP" "+forward"
    bind "DSDOWN" "+back"
    bind "DSLEFT" "+left"
    bind "DSRIGHT" "+right"
    bind "DSTAP" "+jump"
    bind "DSB" "+lookdown"
    bind "DSA" "+attack"
    bind "DSL" "+moveleft"
    bind "DSR" "+moveright"
    bind "DSX" "+lookup"
    bind "DSY" "impulse 10"
    D-Pad: walks forward and backwards, looks left and right
    Shoulder buttons: strafe left and right
    Double tapping the touch screen: jumps
    X: look up
    B: look down
    Y: change weapon
    A: fire

    :arrow: CQuake Google Code Page
    :download: Download
    :discuss: On-going Discussion

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