Hacking Couldn't apply N64 cheat codes, with Gecko


Nov 2, 2008
Cote d'Ivoire
I'm trying to apply some cheat codes to Super Mario 64 (VC), I'm using Gecko, every time the loader say that the SD codes are applying, but then during gameplay there is no effect. The cheats correspond to the same region as the game NTSCU.
Gecko menu screen tells me that it's using IOS249
Tried with: GC pad, Wii pad, default.

Any idea?

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    they seem to be getting worse
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    Yeah it seems to have been a pretty rough few weeks/months for spam. Sadly I don't have access to or insight into why/how it's getting past the spam prevention measures we have in place :(
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    Disgruntled banned members probably writing script batches
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    Global Moderators don't have that kind of config access
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    Banned Spammers a dating web page for bots!
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    If anything normal mods should just be brought back
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    Mod power abuse the best kind of abuse!
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    It's just becoming more and more of an issue and I don't see it stopping until preventative measures are taken.
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