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How to i patch the midi songs so that they play on CorsixTH? The WiiBrew page isn't specific on how to apply the patches, and since the port is unofficial, the CorsixTH team can't help.
This is all the wiibrew page says.
The original Theme Hospital used midi music, and CorsixTH can play these files. However since the wii has no midi hardware you will need timidity-compatible instrument patch files such as those found at the Freepats project. Once you have a patch set copy the .cfg file you wish to use to "/etc/timidity/timidity.cfg" on your SD/USB drive and put the patch files in "/usr/local/lib/timidity". If possible try and use a smaller patch set which uses substitute instruments, since there's not a lot of memory available (for example if using the freepats set use crude.cfg instead of the default freepats.cfg).

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