Converting PS3 games to PKG format?

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    New question. I download all kinds of PS3 games from the net, but when I do, a great deal of them are a collection of folders and stuff.

    Any way to convert them to PKG format?

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    I don't know about converting them to .pkg format but I do know where you can get them in .pkg without formatting them look up nopaystation
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    I'm surprised there are no customizemii-type solutions available for PS3. I know you can use multiman to replace files in the internal hdd AFTER the packages are installed (i.e. icons, eboots, parameter file).

    Compared to the Big N scenes (or even PSP) I've become accustomed to, the PS3 scene kind of blows.

    Use "PS3 Tools Collection v2.7.17" (not sure if can link, use google). It has tools that can pack PKG, even make PS2 classics with just a plain old ISO. User friendly, too!
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