ControlConsole API 2.70 REV4 | CEX/DEX | CFW 4.80

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  1. CCAPI 2.70

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  2. CCAPI 2.60

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  3. CCAPI 2.50 (If somehow you use it)

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    ControlConsole API (Also known as CCAPI) is a PC software that establishes connection between your PC or Laptop and your PS3 console. CCAPI can do stuff such as change your console id, make another console id be used on startup instead of default console id, edit the console LEDs, get PS3 temperature, do real time editing on both CEX and DEX, and best part it is wireless!
    Compatible Firmware's
    1. Download CCAPI .PKG from the "Mini Wiki" section of this thread.
    2. Inside you should find a folder called PS3 with a .PKG inside it.
    3. Put the .PKG into the root of a USB stick or FTP it to the packages folder on your HDD if you use Rebug.
    4. Install the .PKG from your USB or packages folder. Then open it and install it there. If it tells you that your firmware isn't supported then you aren't on a supported CFW. Check the "Compatible Firmware's" section of this thread.
    5. Once you installed it on your PS3 you aren't done. Now we need to install the software to our PC.
    6. With the PS3 folder you should also find a PC folder with a .EXE inside it. Run it and install the software.
    7. Great! You now have CCAPI on your PS3 and PC. All you need to do now is open CCAPI on your PC and click "File", "Add New Console", then type your PS3 public IP address (Usually starts with 192).
    8. It will be added onto your list right click it and press "Connect". It will now connect and you can mess with the options. (Also keep in mind Real-Time-Modding tools use CCAPI to connect to your PS3, so as long as your PS3's IP is in the CCAPI app any RTM can connect to it.)

    PS3 Uninstallation Guide
    PC Uninstallation Guide
    Mini Wiki
    Developer wanting to use CCAPI???

    Yeah I am a douche bag, but not that much of a douche. Anyways here ya go.
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