Question Confused about hacking and the switch lite

ComicMaster148 Sep 9, 2019.

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    I was just thinking today about whether I should get a switch lite but then I realized something how would I be able to hack it? Let me explain hacking and injecting homebrew requires that the switch be in rcm mode by etheir using an rcm jig or paperclip. But since the joy cons are non removalbe on the switch lite how would we be able to put cfw on it? Am I wrong and there is another way to put the switch in rcm mode?, would we use mod chips?, would we use special cfw injectors? Tell me your thoughts.
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    You won't and cannot hack it

    It has a new everything, none of the old exploits will work.

    It's possible in a few years time maybe it will be hackable, but only God knows that.

    If you care about piracy or homebrew at all get the old model.

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