Completely new to the whole Flash card thing...

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    Jun 28, 2007
    So...a friend of mine got a flash card recently and it was looking pretty awesome...long story short - I want one!! [​IMG]

    He has the kind in which u buy a micro SD card for and insert it...however, so far i think i'm interested in the G6 Real.

    -It has 1gb of onboard memory, right? IIRC many DS games are 256mb, meaning I could only have 4 games the card at once, and nothing else, but I swear my friend had at least 10 on his 1gb micro i missing something here?

    -It's also capable of playing media files - such as video, meaning that if I covert an episode of Bleach (or w/e else) to the right file format, i can watch it on my DS fine?

    -I heard the PDA part of the G6 is not in English yet, will it be eventually via patching?

    I think my biggest concern is running out of space much too quickly, if possible i'd like ot have a mix of Mp3, Video, and games, maybe some other homebrew too on it. Is this asking too much? have G6 users found themselves swapping data on and off the card TOO often because of its 1gb capacity? Any info is greatly appreciateed, thx [​IMG]
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    yes you are, something very big
    but im not gonna hold that against you. the 256 is in mega BITS
    8 bts to a byte so that 64 megabytes per game lol.
    Very common mistake so dont feel bad

    I think that the 1 gigis really too small if you want medai other games. Removablke media is the way to go.

    Please look around in the NDS - Flashing Hardware and Software forum
    Theres at least 10's of topics on this and if youl look around then you will find answers to all your questions and even some ones you havent even thought of but will definenetely help you out