Complete drive replacement

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    May 3, 2014
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    Today when I started to play Infamous 2 the system suddenly froze. Had to disconnect it from power. After the restart, no game icon was present, I tried four different games, but the loading icon doesn't appear and there is no game icon. PSN games work fine.
    I tried all options in safe mode (rebuild database, restore file system and then restore). Seeing that nothing helped I dissasembled the PS3 (no warranty to void after 6 years) and blu-ray drive. The laser doesn't even light up.
    I don't want to mess up something replacing the laser. Can I swap my drive with a new one? The lens model is a KES-410 and the ps3 is a CECHK-04.
    Is any fat drive compatible or do I need to look for a specific model?
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    Yes, you can purchase a drive, you just need to remove the logic board. It's the green board on the bottom side of the drive. Once the drive is removed, you just have to remove two ribbon cables, a connector, and 5 screws. The connector is very small and has thin wires.

    I just did it with the similar drive on a CECH-B01 and it wasn't too hard at all.